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Friday, July 29, 2016

Health Bits and Tips

I ran across two health related articles this week that I found interesting and wanted to share with those of you who might want to know.

Regarding Hives:  When I was originally researching the internet to see what the rash I had was, I decided it was hives by process of elimination.  I came across a classification of hives known as chronic idiopathic urticaria (CIU) but decided not to have that because they don't know what causes it or how to cure it for good.  I read this post about Vicki Lawrence (Mama on Carol Burnett) and her diagnosis of the same thing.  Aww Man.  I don't want an incurable problem.  I already have enough incurable problems in my life - like poverty!!! But if you are interested in knowing more about this hives condition, read here.  

Regarding Diabetes: "Diabulimia is an eating disorder which may affect those with Type 1 Diabetes.  Diabulimia is the reduction of insulin intake to lose weight.  Diabulimia is considered a dual diagnosis disorder: where one has diabetes as well as an eating disorder.  While diabulimia is generally associated with the use of insulin, an individual with diabetes may also suffer from another eating disorder as well.  (National Eating Disorders Association).

This is a story of a young girl with these two problems and the mistakes made along the way.  (Telegraph).

Well if that didn't bring you down .....

Seriously this is just an FYI post.  Not everyone will be interested and that is fine. Both were things I needed to know so I shared.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A Visit from my old BFF

Well not a lot of excitement over here.  Grandgirl is still on the same visitation schedule of Monday through Friday.  This week has been so much more fun because the rash continues to improve.

I am also dog sitting this week for my Daughter, and Buddy is not all that happy about the company.

I really enjoyed the rain we had off and on this week and last.  Got a couple of nice showers.  Helped with the temperature and definitely helped with the plants.

My dearest old friend came for a visit this weekend and stayed a couple of days. We shared our first apartment together and have been Besties for over 40 years. She also got to spend some quality time with the Grand Girl which really pleased me.  It was so nice for them to get to know each other.

My Grandmother had a best friend named Billie and I remember Billie being part of my life as far back as I can remember.

My Mom had a best friend from childhood who was also my Godmother.  She was also part of my life from as far back as I can remember.

Old friends are important, especially if you don't have a spouse who has shared the last gazillion years with you.  Somebody has to be there to laugh about shared stories.

When I was explaining how long I had known my Bestie to the Grand Girl age 6, she said "Oh you are like me and Kylie" who is her little friend in and out of kindergarten.

Her sweet little life is just starting.  I wish for her a best friend like the other women in my family and I have known.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Mostly Pictures

Not so happy today.  Went to the allergist yesterday.  He did not think it was a food, contact or weather allergy but didn't know what it was.  Could not run a test specific to my insulin but suggested changing to see if that made a difference.  Well thanks.  Come back in a week, but I'll be on vacation so see my PA.

Bottom line he put me on two Allegra in the mornings and two Zyrtec at night. If this doesn't help he will keep uping the number until it got to two and six, respectively.

He said the Zyrtec might make me very sleepy -  Nope.  But the two Allegra sent me back to the 60s.  I had to go to bed.  Here is the rash starting back again - about palm size.  The other leg has similar.

Here's the Grand Girl playing dress up.

No post would be complete without the "reading circle." 

Well the 60s are calling again.  Boy that Allegra goes straight to my head.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Bit of this and that

This morning I made the worst pot of coffee that I have ever had. Hahaha.  For a person focused on finding a good way of doing a thing and sticking with it, I had to try really hard to mess this up.

I know why it turned out so bad.  I bought a different flavor of coffee - Country Roast instead of Black Silk - because it was on sale and it just doesn't taste as good.  Maybe not as strong?  Certainly the name implies that.

Then I ran out of my favorite liquid creamer and used the powder I keep for such occasions.  Just doesn't taste as good as my regular - although it is much cheaper and has less sugar.  Yes, less sugar definitely made a difference.

Finally, when setting up my coffee pot the night before I put too much water in the holder so I added a little more coffee to make it balanced or so I thought. Hum.  Not so much.

So here I sit in a stage of disbelief.  I love my morning coffee.  I say a little thank you each morning for it and everything else.  I feel like a deer in the headlights. I don't know which way to turn, what to do.  My day has started way off kilter.

I'll definitely be making a trip to the store to get my real coffee and creamer today.

I did some ice dying last night and this morning.  I found a monogrammed towel at the thrift store that I dyed for my daughter using the red and yellow colors in her wild shower curtain.  I had similar colors on a dyed shirt I wore recently and she really like it.  I think she will enjoy this.

I also bought some pillow cases to dye for the Grand Son.  I think he will like them.  He likes seeing me in my ice dyes.  He's just not sure if he wants to be seen in one!  I gave him one that was nice with quiet colors for him to try.  If he asks for more, you know I'll be glad to get to work.

I really enjoyed getting back to work on ice dyes after taking the itchy week off last week.  I'm glad I had the first signs of the rash way before I started with the dyes but I know that there is always a chance that it could be a problem.

The weather is miserable here and August and September are always worse before it get better.

Poor Buddy loves to be outdoors but it has been so darn hot that I've kept the AC on day and night and the doors shut tight.  Day before yesterday the thermometer on the Credit Union read  104.  That, my friends, is hot.

So yesterday morning (noon my time) and today I opened the door a little and left it open for him like I usually do in the nice weather.

I wasn't able to leave the door open for more than an hour or so but it did give him a chance to return to his old habit of lying just so he can keep one eye on the happenings inside the house, as well as one eye on the birds and squirrels in his domain.

I think we are both ready for things to get back to normal.

Yay.  Allergist Wednesday.

Friday, July 8, 2016

A day in the life of a Dog

I'll start off with a picture of Buddy.  He ran errands with me today - only because he ran out the gate and it was easier to put him in the car than return him to the backyard.  The errands consisted of driving grandkids different places and did not include him being locked in the car in the 104 degree heat.  However, he did get really hot and went and got in bed when we got home.  This is "his" blanket because he likes to be covered when he sleeps.

On to the rest of my day.  I read a blog by a woman named Andrea Dekker.  Some of you may read it as well.  Some of the things she does reminds me of myself in the past.  My daughter says she found her childhood fairly easy because I had standard rules and routines so that you weren’t surprised by what you had to do or when you were grounded for breaking the rule!  My son.... not so much.  Rules and routines were not his thing.  

This particular post gives a pretty good description of Andrea’s routines.  My life situation is not the same as hers but the need for ease is the same.   I think that I will add a few of her ideas to make my fairly easy life even easier.  In particular, I think the way she handles food would be good for me.  I don't mind eating the same type of meal often.  It will take some list making and rethinking on my part but I think it will pay off in the end.  Take a read when you have time if routines and simplifying your life interests you.

Short report on the rash.  The Cortisone pills seem to be helping.  The rash is still popping up but not really itching, or certainly not like it was.  I’m very grateful.  The blood sugar is up but I am just staying on top of it with larger doses of insulin.  My mother told me a long time ago when she had pneumonia that prescriptions were a problem for diabetics as they age and the medicine they need for one problem upsets the other problem - diabetes.  This is my first interaction with that.  So far so good.  If anything really wacky happens, don’t worry I am definitely an ER girl.  No chances taken here. Although I promise to gripe the whole time.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

My 10 minute Dr. Visit

Well yesterday was the Dermatologist day.  I was in and out in 10 minutes.  He thought it was Hives which is what I came up with when researching skin ailments on the internet. 

He suggested I go back to the insulin I was taking before the Endocrinologist changed my prescription last November.  The first itching on my head started in December, the best I remember. 

Changing back is not possible because that was before she decided I was Type I instead of Type II.  It is possible to change the two insulins I am taking now but it will be a big deal to find what works again. 

So I am scheduled for the Allergist next week.  Hopefully he can test specifically to see if either of the insulins are the problem. 

The Dermatologist also gave me a prescription pack of some sort of Cortisone to take in descending amounts for a week.  He said the Cortisone will make my blood sugar go sky high so be prepared for that.  Great balls of fire.  Also have to take Claritin and Allegra, one in the morning and the other at night for two months. 

The Benadryl I have been taking works on outside problems but I needed an anti- histamine (Claritin and Allegra) for inside problems.  Same goes for the cortisone cream the doctor originally prescribed.  It won’t work from the outside.  Just a FYI in case any of you get a similar problem. 

I can’t take all these pills without my reflux acting up so I’m adding Nexium to this mish mash of pills I’m taking. 

I started the cortisone pack this morning so we’ll see if it works.  Right now I have a itchy patch on the front of both thighs that is wider than my hand from finger tip to wrist. 

I guess the good news is that I don’t have Shingles.  Now if I only I’m not allergic to my dog or my insulin, I’ll get through this thing.  Speaking of Shingles, Medicare does not want to pay the $350 my doctor is charging.  I'm going to work on that after all this is over.  

Here’s a picture of the two musketeers having breakfast and watching Curious George. 

Note the blue ice dyed pillow case to the left and the yellow ice dyed t-shirts in the upper right.  I love this stuff.  However, I am taking a break this week and doing as little in the heat as possible since that makes me itch more.  

Another pic of the Grandson and the folks from the Walking Dead.  Grandson and Daughter went to the big Comicon they had here.  Daughter went to see Sigorny Weaver talk about the Alien movies while Grandson went to the Walking Dead.  She didn't pay for a picture. 

He is chubbing up so I guess we'll have another growing spurt soon.  He is so proud of the hair on his face.  I try not to say anything because that is a sure way NOT to get a teenager to do what you want. Maybe when school starts.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Celebrating the 4th of July

Today is the 4th and I’m sitting here alone in my chair.  (Alone means without the Grand Girl and Buddy the Dog trying to sit here with me.) 

I had a wonderful day yesterday at my sister’s house.  My daughter, grandson and I drove over to eat lunch and spend the day with my sister, her husband, two sons and daughter.  It was just enough people for a crowd but not to many to make me anxious and pull me into my shell. 

The food was wonderful and the company perfect.  My sister pulled out a box of pictures she found, probably brought home after we cleaned out my mother’s house.  They were a mish-mash of people, places and times.  Great fun.

We reminisced about the days when my sister used to iron my hair.  I’m guessing around ’68 when I was a senior in high school.  There were pictures of my sister around the time of her first marriage.  She kept saying “Look at me.  Why did I think I was fat.”  And true, she wasn’t overweight but like so many females in our society, we think we are. 

Here is a great one of me in Junior High, I think.  I always thought I was so unattractive then but the picture is so cute. 

We talked about my Grand Girl and what we’ve been doing this summer.  My daughter was saying how happy the Grand seemed to be.  We talked about the schedule the Grand and I run on and laughed about how I carve out quiet time several times a day. 

Talking about it made me realize how I feel, I’m not sure what the word is, maybe  fulfilled.  You know how I’ve toyed with going back to work.  I’ve searched and searched to find a hobby – thank goodness I’ve found ice dyeing because I’ve really been enjoying it - to fill some of my time. 

So it seems that caring for the Grand Girl, saving the parents money and helping her with her reading and writing have been just what I needed to give my days the significance I needed.  Ok maybe a little bit too much but we won’t quibble. 

I feel very happy in this place and time in my life. 

Thursday, June 30, 2016

I hate to go to the Doctor

I really do hate to go to see the Doctor.  First, I hate waiting.  Second, I hate them asking me when did this or that happen.  I can no longer remember if something happened last week or 6 months ago unless there was some corresponding event at the same time.

I've had this, let's call it rash, on my head.  I thought it had been several months, no a year and it is infected now.  Darn.  Not only that but I'm have a rash on my body that comes and goes and right now it is on my hip/bottom.  Ok.  Enough. So I made the appointment and after telling myself all the reasons I didn't need to go, I went.

Took the Grand Girl with me.  We packed up a book and her travelling craft kit and off we went.

When the Doctor came in she was reading to me and the Doctor made a big deal about how important reading was and what a good girl she was.  She felt pretty pleased and told her all about the books she had been reading.  

In the meantime I am fidgeting.  I don't know what this itching on my rear end is and I don't want it to be shingles.   I did get the shingles shot but only after I was afraid I might have it.  

The doctor doesn't know what it is.  I have to go to the dermatologist.  I should have gone straight there in the first place but I just wanted to put a bandaid on it and call it well.  

So I called the Doctor she referred me to but she no longer takes Medicare so they referred me to an associate of hers.  Fine.  Just get me in so I can quit scratching my behind before I infect it too.  

July 6.  A week from today?  Why are dermatologists so booked up?  He only takes Medicare so it's not a bunch of teenagers in there.  My goodness.  Are we all falling apart.  

Well I guess I'll make it another week since I have no choice.  I'll let you know what happens.  

Here are the three of us in the recliner reading a book last night. 

More later. 

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Bead Project and Quick Update

Another good week behind me.  Our art project this week was a drawing with Buttons.

We purchased a package of bigish sized buttons in shades of pink for the project.  She surprised me by adding her tiny seed beads also.  We had seed beads all over the kitchen.  It was a nightmare but I kept a smile on my face.  It was only a matter of sweeping and is that too much to ask for a memorable day with the Grand Girl.

She also finished her 10th book this week so we will go to the library and get the next stamp on her list and prize.  I hope the prize is another certificate to the Mexican restaurant.  That was a great prize and gives me a good reason to go out to eat. 

I've continued with my ice dying but slowed down a bit because I was waiting for my new colors to come in.  I started out dying white shirts, sheets and pillowcases I already owned but now have to search at the thrift stores to find more white cotton items.  

I bought a table cloth and some lace curtains, which were not cotton, and not all that cheap, but I really wanted to see what the effect would look like on them. I've gotten to the "let's try this stage."  If you only pay a dollar or two, you don't mind if it doesn't turn out so well.  

Here is one that I tried that didn't work out very well.  I've had only a few fails. I think I got my folds confused and dyed from the side instead of from the front.  I will probably dye this one again and try to get the pattern more evenly spread out.    

It is a great little shirt though.  It says WOOF using dogs.  From the American Humane Society, I believe.  I'll figure out something to redeem it.

Too bad I don't have a college bound grandchild that wants to decorate her room in tie dye.  I could really go to town. 

The Grandson turned 17 today.  He was my little darling long before the grand girls were even a consideration.  I spent even more time with him as he was growing up than I do the girls because he lived in town then.  Those were the best years and I'm so glad I got to have them.  

More later ...  

Friday, June 17, 2016

If this isn't the cutest phot

See Buddy in the left hand front corner.  Those two are so goofy.

Today is Friday and Dad has already picked the Grand Girl up to go home.  I haven't been this excited about weekends since I was a teenager.  I can't decided whether I want to run the streets or if I'd rather stay home ALONE in my house. Haha.

As some of you have mentioned the annoying habits of our precious grand children, I'll share mine.

For some time now she has had the habit of saying "What the" (no curse word or any word following).  You know what saying this brings to my mind and I was really surprised Mom and Dad did not put a stop to that.  (Let me just qualify that by saying, I don't know that they haven't tried but I know that they haven't succeeded.)

You'll never believe where she learned it.... on a cartoon.  I heard it myself several times.  Another reason we are watching movies and being more selective about what we watch.  I didn't realize I had to monitor cartoons.  Anyway, that little saying was definitely the first one to go.

We've got  that one under control now.  I can't remember the last time I heard her say it but bad habits will sometimes resurface so I'm on the "listen" for it.

Now I'm working on "What do you mean?"  Immediately when I say something she says "What do you mean?" when there is no reason to question my meaning. I think a little part of it may be she does not hear me on occasion and at other times it just comes out without her thinking.  (bad habit #2)

So now we are working on correcting that.  When she says "What do you mean?" I ask her to repeat what I have said.  If she truly didn't hear or understand then I repeat what I said and we discuss it.  If she did hear me and can repeat my sentence, I ask her to explain to me what I meant.

She really hates the whole process of repeating what I said and explaining what I meant.  She begs not to have to go through the routine.  It just comes out, she says.  I know I tell her and that is why we are working on not saying it because your brain has to register what will happen if you say it.

She is starting to realize as soon as the comment comes out of her mouth and covers her mouth.  I almost feel bad but since she says it anytime someone speaks to her, I think it needs to be eliminated.

After we get that one fixed (as much as possible) we are going to work on "what are you doing" or "why are you doing that."  (Heaven help me.)

Buddy thinks it is the best summer of his life.  I'm doing much better than I thought although there are those times I'm tired and have to stop and reply with patience and kindness.

Kisses and Hugs are flowing, art adorns every wall, dress-up happens daily and the turtle is surviving the heat and being held too much by the Grand Girl.

More later.