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Thursday, June 30, 2016

I hate to go to the Doctor

I really do hate to go to see the Doctor.  First, I hate waiting.  Second, I hate them asking me when did this or that happen.  I can no longer remember if something happened last week or 6 months ago unless there was some corresponding event at the same time.

I've had this, let's call it rash, on my head.  I thought it had been several months, no a year and it is infected now.  Darn.  Not only that but I'm have a rash on my body that comes and goes and right now it is on my hip/bottom.  Ok.  Enough. So I made the appointment and after telling myself all the reasons I didn't need to go, I went.

Took the Grand Girl with me.  We packed up a book and her travelling craft kit and off we went.

When the Doctor came in she was reading to me and the Doctor made a big deal about how important reading was and what a good girl she was.  She felt pretty pleased and told her all about the books she had been reading.  

In the meantime I am fidgeting.  I don't know what this itching on my rear end is and I don't want it to be shingles.   I did get the shingles shot but only after I was afraid I might have it.  

The doctor doesn't know what it is.  I have to go to the dermatologist.  I should have gone straight there in the first place but I just wanted to put a bandaid on it and call it well.  

So I called the Doctor she referred me to but she no longer takes Medicare so they referred me to an associate of hers.  Fine.  Just get me in so I can quit scratching my behind before I infect it too.  

July 6.  A week from today?  Why are dermatologists so booked up?  He only takes Medicare so it's not a bunch of teenagers in there.  My goodness.  Are we all falling apart.  

Well I guess I'll make it another week since I have no choice.  I'll let you know what happens.  

Here are the three of us in the recliner reading a book last night. 

More later. 

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Bead Project and Quick Update

Another good week behind me.  Our art project this week was a drawing with Buttons.

We purchased a package of bigish sized buttons in shades of pink for the project.  She surprised me by adding her tiny seed beads also.  We had seed beads all over the kitchen.  It was a nightmare but I kept a smile on my face.  It was only a matter of sweeping and is that too much to ask for a memorable day with the Grand Girl.

She also finished her 10th book this week so we will go to the library and get the next stamp on her list and prize.  I hope the prize is another certificate to the Mexican restaurant.  That was a great prize and gives me a good reason to go out to eat. 

I've continued with my ice dying but slowed down a bit because I was waiting for my new colors to come in.  I started out dying white shirts, sheets and pillowcases I already owned but now have to search at the thrift stores to find more white cotton items.  

I bought a table cloth and some lace curtains, which were not cotton, and not all that cheap, but I really wanted to see what the effect would look like on them. I've gotten to the "let's try this stage."  If you only pay a dollar or two, you don't mind if it doesn't turn out so well.  

Here is one that I tried that didn't work out very well.  I've had only a few fails. I think I got my folds confused and dyed from the side instead of from the front.  I will probably dye this one again and try to get the pattern more evenly spread out.    

It is a great little shirt though.  It says WOOF using dogs.  From the American Humane Society, I believe.  I'll figure out something to redeem it.

Too bad I don't have a college bound grandchild that wants to decorate her room in tie dye.  I could really go to town. 

The Grandson turned 17 today.  He was my little darling long before the grand girls were even a consideration.  I spent even more time with him as he was growing up than I do the girls because he lived in town then.  Those were the best years and I'm so glad I got to have them.  

More later ...  

Friday, June 17, 2016

If this isn't the cutest phot

See Buddy in the left hand front corner.  Those two are so goofy.

Today is Friday and Dad has already picked the Grand Girl up to go home.  I haven't been this excited about weekends since I was a teenager.  I can't decided whether I want to run the streets or if I'd rather stay home ALONE in my house. Haha.

As some of you have mentioned the annoying habits of our precious grand children, I'll share mine.

For some time now she has had the habit of saying "What the" (no curse word or any word following).  You know what saying this brings to my mind and I was really surprised Mom and Dad did not put a stop to that.  (Let me just qualify that by saying, I don't know that they haven't tried but I know that they haven't succeeded.)

You'll never believe where she learned it.... on a cartoon.  I heard it myself several times.  Another reason we are watching movies and being more selective about what we watch.  I didn't realize I had to monitor cartoons.  Anyway, that little saying was definitely the first one to go.

We've got  that one under control now.  I can't remember the last time I heard her say it but bad habits will sometimes resurface so I'm on the "listen" for it.

Now I'm working on "What do you mean?"  Immediately when I say something she says "What do you mean?" when there is no reason to question my meaning. I think a little part of it may be she does not hear me on occasion and at other times it just comes out without her thinking.  (bad habit #2)

So now we are working on correcting that.  When she says "What do you mean?" I ask her to repeat what I have said.  If she truly didn't hear or understand then I repeat what I said and we discuss it.  If she did hear me and can repeat my sentence, I ask her to explain to me what I meant.

She really hates the whole process of repeating what I said and explaining what I meant.  She begs not to have to go through the routine.  It just comes out, she says.  I know I tell her and that is why we are working on not saying it because your brain has to register what will happen if you say it.

She is starting to realize as soon as the comment comes out of her mouth and covers her mouth.  I almost feel bad but since she says it anytime someone speaks to her, I think it needs to be eliminated.

After we get that one fixed (as much as possible) we are going to work on "what are you doing" or "why are you doing that."  (Heaven help me.)

Buddy thinks it is the best summer of his life.  I'm doing much better than I thought although there are those times I'm tired and have to stop and reply with patience and kindness.

Kisses and Hugs are flowing, art adorns every wall, dress-up happens daily and the turtle is surviving the heat and being held too much by the Grand Girl.

More later.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Grand Girl and her best "Buddy"

Buddy loves that little girl as much as I do.  He follows her everywhere and how the two of them can sleep on the love seat like this I'll never know.  I've got another mattress under my bed for sleepovers but she has always preferred the couch over my bed or the extra mattress.

Our schedule is working itself out pretty well.  At night we watch a movie after we read a book and she has had her bath.  I try to limit the TV, not for a good parental reason, but because I can't stand most of what they now call cartoons.  I do let her watch a little when it is too hot to go outside.

The weather is a killer.  95 at least today.  So hot the air conditioner can't even cool the car when we are running errands.  I have run both window units inside for short periods during the day this week.  I usually only run one.  My electricity bill is going to be enormous.

I'm still working on my ice dyeing.  I've listed several shirts for sale on ebay. The good thing is that I started by using white shirts in my size so any that don't sell will be worn by me.  I love them.  I am having so much fun.

The Grandson is starting is first job at Kroger next week.  He went in for orientation on Tuesday and will get his schedule on Friday.  I really didn't want him to go to work yet but he needed something to offset the summer boredom ... and pay for the insurance for the car his Dad is getting him.  OMG.  Hopefully he will be too tired to want to run the roads.  (insert you saying: Yeah, right.)

Not much else to tell.  It is midnight and I'm just getting the clothes out of the dryer.  Wish I had a clothes line.  They'd dry in about 5 minutes in this heat.

More later.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

My new Summer Schedule

Hey Bloggeroos.  One tired Nana here.

My new summer schedule includes Grand Girl #1 being here Monday through Friday.  Dad drops her off on his way to work Monday and I take her to his office to ride home with him Friday afternoon.

We weren't sure how this would work as far as Grand Girl getting home sick but she is doing fine so far.  She is used to staying here a couple of days in a row so I guess it doesn't seem too long to her.

Two reasons for this schedule.  One, of course, is money.  She was not attending daycare after school this past school year so the extra money for her to go this summer was a big pain in the pocket book so I agreed to try it out with the reservation that I may not be able to do it all summer.

Second was that she needed extra time reading and building up her word and spelling lists. She does pretty good although I have no idea where she should be so we signed up for the reading program at the library. One book a day ought to put her at ease for whatever comes next year.

This week she arrived with a turtle in a box that someone had given her family. So we made a turtle habitat.  

I've been busy ice dyeing and have created some really lovely patterns.  This is a good hobby for me.  

I guess I still have a foot in the 60s I guess, only this is much softer and more feminine than tie dye.

So I may be blogging a little less frequently this summer or .....

I may be sharing the pain more often.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

First Attempt at Ice Dying

Here are two pillow cases that are my first ice dyes.  The first is Deep Purple. The process of ice dyeing is putting the dry powder on top of ice that has been placed on top of the scrunched fabric.  As the ice melts the dye powder will separate into the colors contained in the dye.

The second color is Mermaid Blue.  

There is a lot I could tell you about what I didn't do right.  Out of everything the worst part is that the mosquitoes were so bad outside that I had to do everything in my little kitchen which made it a little more difficult to arrange the fabric, ice and powder.  

All and all it was a great first try.  My biggest fear was of the Grand Girl getting into the dye and going home with a permanent blue or  purple hand.  She was good though and didn't seem to be to interested in what I was doing.  

P.S.  The Grand Girl is spending the week.  She is talking me to death!!! Know what I mean?  Oh for a little silence. 

PPS I know.  I'll be lonesome when she goes home.  

Friday, June 3, 2016

Hi All

I've been busy doing I don't know what.

I've got a new hobby that I'll hopefully get started with this weekend.  I saw a bunch of posts on Pinterest (danger) about Ice Dyeing.  It is kind of like tie dyeing but it has a more watercolor effect.  Since I came of age in the 60s all of the hippie, tie dye, flower power things always catch my attention.  I knew I would never wear tie dye again but when I saw the Ice Dyeing, I thought it might be a little hobby I could do so I ordered the supplies which should be here this weekend.

I'll share some posts as soon as I have the results to show you.

Monday, May 23, 2016

The Grandson Borrows My Car For the First Time

The Weekend Report:

Saturday night was the Banquet for the Theater Group at the High School the Grandson belongs to.  It was from 6:30 to 12:00 and the location was not to far, if I were driving, but I let the Grandson use my car for the first time.  It was a long, long night.

- First off, I picked him up and we came back to my house so he could drop me off.  It started pouring when we were two blocks from my house.  We pulled up out front and I jumped out and ran to the house.  The rain was pelting me.  I had the dog in one hand and my purse in the other.  Got to the door - and no key.  My house key was on the key ring and I forgot where I hid the extra key outside because I've never had to use it.  So I call the Grandson to come back.  He comes back, runs upstairs in the pouring rain, unlocks the door and runs off.

- First panic for the night.  I don't want him driving in the rain even if it is 5:00 and bright outside.

- Then, at 5:55 he calls me, he is lost and the Garmin sent him to the wrong place.  Possible but probable?  Why is he even there so early?  Too excited I guess.  I try to tell him how to turn around and go back because he passed the main street.  He is in panic mode at this time.  So I tell him to try to get directions off his phone. Oh, and he had a low tire and he had to stop and put air in it.

He sends me a text 10 minutes later - he is there.

- Next he calls me about 9:30.  He tried to start the car because he left something in the car and wants to turn on the lights.  First he gets a lecture about why is  he in the parking lot and not in the Banquet Hall.  Then I stop to listen to the problem.  The key won't go all the way in the ignition and if it does nothing happens.

I didn't think to ask him if the steering wheel was locked.  I haven't done that in years so I forgot that it does that extra lock the wheel business.  So I told him to leave it for an hour and go back and try

- My second panic attack.  I forgot to give him extra money.  If the car won't start he won't have money for a cab.  He'll have to get a ride.  Will someone help him?  The teacher surely.  And what will happen to my car if it stays there over night?  How will I get back in the fenced area for the Hall?  (Insert: stomach tightening and feeling a little nauseous).

- An hour later he calls me back.  A couple of friends went out to the car with him.  One of them has the same steering wheel lock on her car.  Press the brake, turn the wheel and use the key.

I get a text everything ok.  The car started.  I only have an hour and a half to worry and this night will be over.

- Now its 12:00.  Text saying he is leaving.  He doesn't tell me this at the time but he couldn't get the car to start.  Key turned but no turnover.  He remembered that sometimes I have to giggle the wire to the battery.  (I know.  I should have fixed that before he left.  All I have to do is find some pliers.  Brother. Mad at myself.)  So he jiggled the wire and the car started.  He is now the last person beside his teacher but I don't know all this yet.

- We had agreed before he left that (1) no one would ride in the car with him this time and (2) he would take a picture of himself inside the house when he got home so I would know he was really home.  No.  It is not that I do not trust him. I do not trust his Father as a teenager and he carries that man's genes.

I receive a picture of him in his room.  He's really home. Not dead on the street. No accident.  No one is going to sue me for letting a new driver out on the street.

- I called him after I got the picture to ask if he had a good time.  He sounded like he was bummed out.  I asked if it went well and he said yes he had a really good time he was just tired from the Banquet and all the car worries

- I texted with my daughter the next morning and asked her to find out if he had a good time.  She texted me back that he said best time ever.  Thank goodness,

-  After all that worry I would have been extremely unhappy if he had not enjoyed himself.  But.... no, no, no .... the story is not over.

- When he called me the next morning to see if I wanted him to bring the car back, I told him to go check and see if the tire was flat.  It was.

I called my daughter to ask for her help because she wasn't home and she reminded me I had AAA.  Hallelujah.  I called. They were there in an hour.  The spare was good (can I get an Amen) and the car was all ready for the road again.

- But before the car is on the road, when the Grandson is standing outside waiting for the tow people he notices that the little triangle window in the back passenger window has been knocked out.  I usually leave my old car unlocked because I'd rather they open the door and look around, rather than knock out the window.  However, I told the Grandson to keep the doors locked that night while he was driving so it was still locked and there was an empty box in the back seat that they probably wanted to check out.

- We don't know if this happened at the Banquet Hall or parked at the house.  My daughter has lived at the house for over a year and no one has had a car break in as far as she knows.

So my sweet little neighbor duck-taped it up for me and after I get the tire repaired or replaced, I'll worry about it.

That is the story of  my weekend - the first time I let the Grandson borrow my car - and it is a heck of a story.  I'm sure it will be told and retold over family holidays.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

My Not So Sweet Cat

Sachi Marie Miller   RIP   16 yeras