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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Here's a Good One

As I look through Pinterest for organizing ideas for the new apartment I've seen some good quotes.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

I'm Moving

Moving on Up.  (insert The Jefferson theme song) Up to the third floor that is (there is an elevator).  Yes, it's true.  My daughter talked me into moving into an apartment with her.  She offered me a sweet deal on rent sharing.  She asked me about doing this so many times that I figured there was a secret motive.  Either I'm aging quicker than I think and she needs to watch over me or she wants her fair share of time with me since the Grand Girls and hence my son see me the most.

At any rate, I am going for it.  I have been packing for a week and the move is not until next week.  I am one of those people who have everything in a box properly labeled when the movers pull up.

Now remember that I have the worst sleep schedule.  So I have become a very flexible person during this process. (Frankie & Grace).  I sleep when I want for however long it lasts, I pack a box or two depending on my strength, sit whenever I feel fatigued (which is often), and then repeat in any order necessary.  I'll be ready before the movers and since my daughter is moving in on Saturday day and I will move on Tuesday (cheaper rates), I will move loose items like pictures (which there are many wall items) and Buddy and his blankets/dog beds over the weekend if I am up to it.

Buddy loves my daughter and is in her lap the whole time she visits me.  My daughter also has a dog and cat (yep, we paid lots of pet deposits - no refundable pet deposits).  My daughter's dog Chu has spent many nights over here so the dogs know each other.  However, the dogs living together and both wanting to be in my daughter's lap is going to be hilarious.  Ok maybe not from her standpoint.

I'm really going to miss my yard.  I have loved puttering around and calling it gardening.  I have especially relished the days of opening the door first thing in the morning for Buddy's outing and so many cool days we have left the door open so he could sit on the porch and watch the yard and my actions at the same time.  I do have a nice balcony and hopefully, I can put some chicken wire up to keep Buddy from sticking his body too far between the bars.

Want to hear something funny?  I haven't seen the place yet.  I  have seen the complex from the outside.  I know my daughter's taste and she knows mine so I am not worried.  I looked at all the pictures online and it appears to be a nice, neat apartment complex.  It is the biggest unit they have with a place for washer/dryer (extra charge) and designed in the roommate style with each bed and bath on either side of living room.

The area of town I live in now is the quaint, old, crafty neighborhood which is being torn down and huge townhouses built on the lots.  It is a walking/biking neighborhood and Buddy and I will really miss our walks (smells and tree watering).  The new neighborhood will be in a more uptown area with all the fancy stores and restaurants nearby.  The complex is oldish (if you call the 80s old) so better priced without some of the fancy doodle (wine chiller for example) needs of the working professionals.  There are dog parks and walking tracks near and a small fenced area in the complex.  Buddy and I will figure it out.

I suppose the night before I move the shock will set in.  Until then, I'm moving and a-groovin' at my own pace.  I'll send you pictures from the flip side (CB slang. Anyone remember that ... Breaker 1.9.)

Life is hard.  Life is messy.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Friday, September 15, 2017

Closet Decluttering

I love to declutter my house but I always get stuck at my closet.  I saw this and thought -the perfect description of me.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Emergency Food Supplies

I was reading this pin from Real Simple magazine on Pinterest. This article about being prepared, food wise, for the various weather-related problems we face does not reveal any great secrets but as I realized when I went to the grocery shopping before Hurricane Harvey and I walked around in circles, when you're in the middle or within reach of some weather disasters, it is not always easy to think what to do.

So I'm posting this article so you and I can both find it if and when we need it.  If this Winter is anything like this Summer has been, we are all going to need to be prepared, at least, in the most basic ways.

Monday, September 11, 2017


So many of us remember 9/11 like it was yesterday.  Like we were there.  Like every loss was our loss.

My boss was in New York attending a seminar on  9/11/01.  I got a couple of phone calls from him to let the law firm know he and his wife were ok.  It was very hard for him to get a line out to call so most calls naturally went to their family.  He was not in imminent danger from the falling towers but as an asthmatic, he was having problems with the air.

Of course, nothing was running.  No planes, trains, etc.  He said you walked down the street and restaurants and stores were closed and everything was gray.

I started trying to find a way to get him out.  There were no rental cars available through the 800 number for the car rental agencies.  I had an idea that if I started calling locations outside of the city I might be able to find a car there I could reserve and then we would address the problem of finding a way out of town - even if he had to hire a taxi to drive him 100 miles.

I found a company, I don't remember which brand, that did have cars available. In fact, they had a car sitting at JKF.  I reserved that car as one alternative.  The airport was still closed at that time but I took a chance.  The next day some of the airport restrictions were lifted and he was able to get to the airport and pick up the rental.  He and his wife drove that car from JKF to Houston with as few stops as possible he said.

We didn't really talk about what he saw and knew about that day.  Sometimes all you want to know is that your friends or family are home and safe.  It occurred to me that in all the years we have never discussed this.

I feel bad being thankful that none of my friends and family were in the Towers or First Responders.

I feel bad praying that Irma didn't turn toward us.

The longer you live the more sadness you see.  It stays in your heart and you remember that sadness long after it is gone.  

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Lean on Me Sung at Shelters by Gospel Singers - Hurricane Harvey Heroes

This will bring a tear to your eye.

Gospel Singers who visited shelters and sang Lean on Me.

Jimmy Fallon Announces $1M Donation to J.J. Watt, Invites Houston Choir ...

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Grocery Shopping During Hurricane Harvey

Right or Wrong --  Houstonians apparently don't eat Tofu no matter how bad it gets.

Seriously, I imagine part of it is that you buy staples you can eat when the power goes off.  Hahaha.  I just thought it was funny.

Find humor where you can and there will always be happiness.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Hurricane Harvey has left the building.

I feel like I woke up in a parallel universe with the sun shining and semi-dry earth beneath my feet.

I did sleep last night and at one point my sugar must have dropped because I got up and made half a peanut butter sandwich.  (I can do that in my sleep.  Now that I think of it, night time sugar drops is a pretty good reason to keep that bread on hand.)  I feel so much better.

Thanks to each and every one of you for riding this out with me.  It was not my first rodeo/hurricane but it sure did shake me up.

Remember to keep my list handy if you have any weather disasters:

1.  Toilet Paper
2.  Puppy Pads
3.  Bread

in that order.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

What comes after the adrenaline rush - Tuesday evening

I went to Kroger again Tuesday afternoon.  The parking lot was full.  I heard them say they were closing the doors behind me.  No bread still.  I just didn't know what to buy.  I was hungry and the cupboards were bare but I just couldn't think.  I looked at what others were buying.  A LOT of alcohol, flowers, and frozen foods.  What?  Alcohol I could understand if I were a drinker.  Frozen foods that said to me that all the can goods were gone and they felt secure that their power was not going to go off.  But Flowers?  Celebrations?  Altar donations?  I cannot figure that one out.

I then drove over to look at the bayou.  Maybe a little bit less than in the pictures but not enough to count.  As I headed back to the house a police car pulled me over.  At first, I thought I was just getting out of its way but it stayed with me. Then I  thought they saw my expired tags - that's a whole other story.  But NO.  I had run a red light.  I don't even know which light it was.  The cops took one look at old grandma me - one good thing about being old is you don't look guilty - and said, more or less, I'm too busy to mess with you but don't be causing the next wreck I have to attend to.

I came straight home.   Since then I have just been in some kind of jittery fog.  I can't sit still.  I can't think, watch tv or play solitaire.  I believe my mind and body are trying to shake off the fear and worry I've been through.  I feel like it's been a week since this started and maybe it has been a week from the very first warnings.

The radar for the city is clear of rain as it heads eastward except for the far, far side of town. Maybe I will sleep all night tonight.  I took a couple of aspirins. My joints are a little achy but that is to be expected after staying indoors for days on end.

Thank for riding along with me.  It's really been a trip.