Saturday, February 6, 2016

Foggy Windshield

I just read this on Pinterest.  I don't know if it really works but sounds like an easy solution and I am going to try it.  

Buy a chalkboard eraser and keep it in the glove box of your car. When the windows fog, rub with the eraser! Works better than a cloth!

Friday, February 5, 2016

The Rarely Seen Grandson

Grandson is the one of the left in the
second and third set of kids.

The Grandson is in advanced Theater.  I'm not really sure what all is involved because in my day it was called drama class and we just practiced for the play that was performed each year. 

He has been talking about making YouTube videos for a long time.  I just kind of ducked my head like a turtle into its shell for fear that he might take some wild, decadent path.  Turns out that this is a video he and his friends produced.  I'm not really sure what Theater and Medieval Times have to do with each other and this video.  

I understand why kids like the beat of this rap type music.  In an odd way it reminds me of Motown - not the same beat as I danced to but the same need to tap your toe or fling your arms, in this case.  

When I pick him up from school today I'll ask him what was the point they were trying to make.  This may get me an eye roll but if it is interesting, I'll let you know.    

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

I just need to get one good picture out of the batch

I know you must wonder if I do anything aside from taking pictures of the Grandgirl.  I’m addicted.  I can’t help myself.  I love her so much I just want to share. 

I am also amazed at her ability to pose.  Aside from telling her on occasion to move locations to a better background location, she just jumps into a pose and will usually let me snap a good number of pictures.  I remember myself at her age.  You had to drag me in front of a camera.  That attitude shows in the majority of the pictures of my youth.  Scowly face in every one. 

I guess with all the modern electronics, kids have grown up with a higher comfort level in front of the camera.  What I don’t understand is this sticking out the tongue thing you see everywhere.  She usually asks when are we going to take that picture and I usually explain that I don’t want to remember her that way but will usually take one shot so she can be cool. 

I remember doing the peace symbol in all my pictures for a long time.  I guess my parents cringed at that too.  When I look back they don’t look stupid, just a sign of the time, so I guess I’ll have to go with the flow when it doesn’t totally flow against my desires and as long as I get one good picture to keep.  

Monday, February 1, 2016

A Cowgirl and A Princess

Howdy Pardners.  

The Grandgirl/Artist came for a short visit this weekend.  

The rodeo is coming to town pretty soon 
and it is a pretty big thing around these parts.  
Plenty of big stars perform, big cows buck, 
and chili cookoffs are a heated battle.  

So to get in the mood we pulled out our cowboy hats this weekend. 

Being a cowgirl doesn't mean you can't wear your crown under your hat

So we all got in the spirit.

Even Buddy, though he looks more like a Mexican Jumping Bean.

We had a bank-up time. 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

A little bit of this and that

I have been blog hopping again.  I don't know why it is I seem to disappear when I do this.  It has really stimulated me.  There are so many great blogs out there. Before the internet what would have happened to all these great writers.  I know I used to write a lot of letters.  I kept my friends up with all my news through long handwritten letters.  Maybe these bloggers did too.  What about you?

- I've been suffering through family problems.  Not life threatening but life changing and challenging.  Change is not so easy for me anymore.  I fret when I cannot save someone from a mistake I see so obvious.  I try not to give advice when not asked, but dang it is hard to keep my mouth shut.

- This winter has been particularly cold for me.  When I say winter, I'm probably talking 50-60 degrees here in Texas.  A lot of you would welcome that, I know. I think what is happening is that as my diabetes has improved my body temperature and what feels comfortable has changed.  Previously I never seemed to get cold, rather my arms and legs felt cooled.  Now, especially at night, I am down right freezing,  I am double layering during the day, something I never remember doing.  Luckily the new air conditioner/heater unit I got during the summer is doing a great job.  However, I think it will be a learning experience for me this winter and I might need to hit the thrift shop for extra warm items of clothing.

- My old car is working fine.  I figured out that I have a leak in the sprayer-washer water holder.  I need to get that fixed so I'll be taking a trip to the car shop to see what that might run.  It seems like it should not be expensive. They've seen me so much getting the old car on the road that maybe they'll take pity.

- I learned during my temp job how much my endurance has improved since my insulins have been changed.  I can now work all day and still have a little energy left at night.  That is such a wonderful feeling after spending 15 years being so tired you couldn't move.  If any of you have continuously tired days I would recommend that you get your blood sugar tested.  Its a very easy and not too expensive a test.  It is so worth knowing and improving the quality of your life. The Silent Killer is often referred to as blood pressure but high blood sugar affects your blood pressure, or at least from what I've read, so don't let the silent one get you.

-  I was late putting Christmas up so the clean empty spaces are still feeling good and I'm enjoying it.  First really nice day, I guess I'll have to bring the basket of knick-knacks back up.  Until then .... smile and enjoy.

- I filed my taxes on line the other day.  Pretty simple when you only have social security.  I used to always do my taxes and felt it was something I needed to understand.  Well, I don't understand much anymore except there is little to claim and little to deduct!  However, I'm still surviving and that's what matters.

- My birthday is next month.  My bestie had her birthday this month and we will be 66 together this year.  How is it possible two 20 year olds who were so cool and fun could be older than dirt?  S*%$ happens.

Well that catches you up on the doings over here.  Hope everything is going well on your side of the blog world.

A quick share

A friend sent me this article on The Health Benefits of Knitting (and Crochet) from the NY Times.  I'd recommend this quick read in case it would help you or someone you know.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

A Stroke of Good Luck

Since I have been thinking about working again and did do that temporary job, I thought I'd just better give SSA a call.  I got in big trouble with them when I went back to work two years ago and they were still sending me payments.  I didn't realize you could only make around $15,000 and then they start reducing their payments to you.  I thought they knew I was working because I was paying taxes and social security was withheld from my check.  No, they only do a yearly look back.  Consequently I owe them big bucks and you don't walk a bill from either the SSA or the IRS.  Just doesn't happen.  So I made a repayment plan and it hurt big time.

What I called to ask today was did I understand correctly that after my 66th birthday I could make as much as I could get.  The answer was yes.  Yeah. Except trying to find a job at 66 is a whole other story, but I digress.  So I was encouraged that if I could find another part-time job, I could take it.

Then I asked if there was a way I could have the payback amount reduced since I had already made a dent in the amount I owed. Yes!  They would take the balance I owed and restructure it on a 3 year payout.  Just like refinancing a car. So I will get about $150 extra each month starting in March.  Every little bit helps and I'm glad to take it.

It seems a great many of my friends and family are going through difficult circumstances. Life is just difficult sometimes and we have to hold on and do the best we can.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Oh Bother..

I hate it when I'm reading your blogs and y'all are full of adventures and projects and deep thoughts.

Buddy and I are just hanging here and not accomplishing very much.  I boiled eggs this morning to make egg salad for lunch and boiled the pan dry then set off the fire alarm.  I took that as a signal that today might be better spent reading.

I purchased a container of pecans the other day at Kroger.  I wanted something for the munchies that was not sugar loaded and they were probably on sale. I snacked on a handful one night and forgot to put them up where Buddy couldn't reach.  You hear it coming right?  I walk in my bedroom and there in the middle of my bed is the opened can of Slow Roasted Pecans.  I don't think he ate very many as they were very salty.  I filled his water bowl in case he got extra thirsty from the salt, then I covered the bathroom floor from wall to wall with puppy pads.  Buddy's pad trained but as long as he can go outside he will.  I was afraid that once the pecans started going through him they may not fare well but he didn't have any problems that I know of.  Darn dog.  He can't be trusted and I should have known better.

That's about I've got to share.  

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Boring Day so far

Today is an odd day.  Last night I planned my day knowing I needed to go by the library before work since the library is closed by the time I get home.  I got up a little earlier - meaning on time - and only had one cup of coffee instead of two so I could do the library and be on the road to arrive at work on time.

Just as I was getting in the car I got a call from the office saying I didn't need to come in today because we were mostly caught up in my area.  I knew this was true and I was going to ask if I could have Friday off for that reason.

Aside from getting out the door early, I didn't mind not going in today. I took the job as a temporary position because the drive is so far.  I didn't expect to have her tell me to come in some days and not on others.  I expected a 6 hour work day as we had agreed on.  Working 12-6 but me on a better schedule to deal with the traffic.  However, I understand if you are a struggling young law firm, having employees who don't have enough work can be a problem.  However, now I'm not sure if this is going to be her practice - on and off scheduling - or if it has anything to do with pay day being tomorrow.

I have been working a long time and get a good hourly rate, but in all economies, you are paid what you are worth to the employer.  She and I didn't really get a chance to discuss my salary.  I told her what I was making previously but after I actually got there, I brought it up once and she said we would talk about it but we didn't. Crazy on my part but I just figured whatever it was would be more than I was making sitting at home.

So here I am sitting at home.  I am wondering if I will be called back.  I am wondering how much my pay will be tomorrow.  And, I am wondering what to do with the rest of my day.

I had no idea I had acclimated to my new work schedule so quickly.  I sent my friend a text this morning and said let's go play while I'm off.  She replied, "Who is this person up at the crack of dawn?"  I called my old boss and to see if he wanted to go out to lunch but he was tied up.  Gosh, I completely forgot how to be a stay home kind of person.

I'll keep looking for someone to play with and let you know if I get up to anything good.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Up to my @#$% in Alligators


I don't want to moan and groan .... Ok, yes I do.  I'm old.  I'm getting my @#$% up every morning and driving half way across the world.  I'm doing the type of law I like and basically like the job but I'm not sure the job likes me.  Making me very sad.

Also had a new problem with the car last night.  The dashboard lights went out. Didn't affect the headlights and my GPS shows my speed so I was ok.  Hopefully it was a fuse and not my whole electrical system.  LOL.  Dang it.  I'm trying hard here.  Why all the tests?

Enough said.  Isn't that picture above great.  I saw it on the Daily Dish, one of those little picture boxes at the bottom of web pages that you are never supposed to open... it fit my mood so perfectly I had to open it.