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Friday, May 12, 2017

A Quick Check-In

Hi All,

Just a quick note to share what's been happening around here.

The Grandson is staying with me.  It's like a zoo here.  Buddy is so excited the GS is here and constantly wants to be in the GS's face.  

GS and I have finally gotten a schedule arranged since I have to drop him off at work now.  Remember my old Sentra that was being saved for him but I had to take it again after that person totaled my car in my drive way, well my Son got me another car and the GS started driving the Sentra.  It, the Sentra, lasted about a month and died on the freeway.

Getting that car towed off was quite a challenge.  Who knew no junk stores wanted a dead 1996 Nissan Sentra.  Anyway, we finally found a taker and it is in the bone yard somewhere.

My new/old car is a 2006 Honda Civic with lowish mileage.  Let's see if I can drive it for 20 years. Hahaha.

I have taken a part time job at a law firm and work the afternoons 1-5.  I've been there close to two months and it is working fine.  Four hours a day is just enough to make me feel like I got out of the house and accomplished something.

I've done very little ice dyeing or other crafts since the job and GS came into my life.  I'm sure that I will be looking for a hobby to fit into the spare time I finagle around my have-to-dos.

As I said, Buddy has been very happy but we have been fighting fleas like never before.  It's going to be a bad flea year down here.

The Grand Girls came over last weekend with their new step-sister-to-be.  I don't know how my son and his girlfriend do it.  Three girls is SO MUCH noise. Hahaha.

I've been reading blogs and keeping up with you even if I haven't been sharing.   I'll be back soon.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Sweet Memories

I am reading It's Never Too Late to Begin Again (Discovering Creativity and Meaning at Midlife and Beyond) by Julia Cameron (author of the Artist's Way). If you have any creative leaning you might really enjoy this book.  One of the memoir instructions was to remember a taste.

I was fortunate to have great grandmothers on both sides.  When I would go to my paternal grandparents house for the weekend I would ask my grandmother to make what we called "Nutty Pudding".  This was simply chocolate box pudding with pecans.  Did you have box puddings as a kid?  I think we had them on semi-regularly occasions at home,  But this chocolate pudding with nuts was just for me - not the family - and the added nuts made it just this side of heaven.  Yes, I was a chocoholic even then. I can still taste the love and comfort it provided me. Good memories.

The second food memory is the same grandmother.  She would make me homemade fries.  She used real potatoes she cut up in long thin pieces.  She fried them and then put them in a brown paper bag and then added the salt and shook them up.  The were hot and greasy and salty and I absolutely loved them.

My heart overflows when I think back about these memories.  Do you have a good food memory?

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

This that and the other

Linda at Two Fixer-Uppers came up with a new format I really like and I have decided to adopt something along the same lines although I don't have it set in my mind yet.

This morning I received a call from a law firm whose ad I had responded to. After hearing more about the job it reminded me to much of that last little nightmare job and I turned the interview down.  Now that really feels strange. Here I am, the person that checks the online employment ads several times a day, turning down an interview.  I've always believed in going with my gut and right or wrong, I made the decision.  

I received a comment from the ever witty Peggy of Straight Up - No Chaser.  She commented "I long to miss work. :-) ".  Hahaha.  I remember when I felt that way too.  Wish I would make up my mind. 


I just realized Spring Break is nearing and I texted my son about arranging a schedule for the Grand Girls to come stay with me.  He told me that the mom has them Spring Break so I won't get to see them. Bummer. I told him to tell her I am available to babysit. I was so looking forward to some sleepovers. 


Buddy heard me putting my library bag on the couch and came running to his spot on the couch right by the door.  I always leave him outside in good weather when I run errands but he insists on being ever vigilant. 


I watched Diablo last night.  The western with Scott Eastwood, the son of Clint Eastwood.  His looks are so similar to his father - but not quite as handsome, in my book, but similar good looks and body frame.  Scott had the same pull on the eyebrows and the same mouth with the I'm going to tear you up look.  I admit.  I've always loved Clint Eastwood whether it was a western or Dirty Harry.  Sigh.


Yes, I did notice my fonts are all over the place today.  Don't know what that's about and not inclined to research it at the moment.  

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Food for Thought

As I was once again playing catch-up on my blog reading, I read Bob of Satisfying Retirement's post "Are You A Shadow Artist".  See post here.

I love a good post with "Food for Thought."  I have worked in the legal field in some position - legal secretary, paralegal, office manager or billing specialist - for most of my career.  The majority of my family is involved with the law in some manner, probably because my father was as lawyer and as the oldest sister I influenced the others in my job selection.  (My youngest sister was a legal assistant and married an attorney; my daughter went to paralegal school and has worked at the same law firm for about 13 years; my son is going with a paralegal who he says he is going to marry [I'm not sure if he told her, but he told me.] and the grandson wants to be a police officer.)

Funny that, but the point is that I did use my work in a law office to satisfy my creative needs.  In my position I was able to create - documents, solutions to problems, and friendships.  There are more ways it feed my creative side that I won't bore you with.  I always knew it was the right place for me and now I understand the reason.  It was my creative outlet.

Did you find that in your work?  I consider myself lucky and I shall write in my Gratitude Journal that I am thankful to have found my calling so early in my career and that I had so many years to enjoy it.

Maybe that is why I keep dallying with the thought of going back to work.  My brain misses that creative outlet.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Magnolia Magazine

Woke up just a little bit, like 15 minutes, early today.  I thought about turning over and going back to sleep but Buddy starting kissing me and the only way to get away from that is to get up.

I read the new Magnolia magazine (by Chip and Joanna Gaines) last night and his piece on getting up early really hit home.  It talked about life in the country and what you see, hear and feel that is different at 4:00 am. than 8:00 am.  I lived in the country when I was in Louisiana and those descriptions really resonated with me.

I'm not sure if I'll subscribe.  It is $20 a year.  The same as what magazine used to cost when we read magazines instead of Pinterest.  I spent some time thinking about how unusual it was to start a magazine in this day and age when newsprint sources are collapsing right and left.  Gutsy.

However, the magazine was perfect for  people who especially like their show "Fixer Upper."  I love most of her decorations and the room remodels.  So, naturally the magazine appealed to me.  My sister told me my style was similar to what she did.  It surprised me that I even had a style.  Hahaha.

I'll leave you with a picture of the Grand Girls and the Grand Girl-to-be (in the striped shirt).  The look of awe and anticipation at the rides at the Rodeo.  I remember so well.  Also remember throwing up after riding one of those fast and furious rides!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Cookies - and not the kind you eat

If you have had any difficulty signing on to read my posts it might be because I deleted all the cookies on my computer.  I don't even know what they attach to... my website, my internet number code, gmail in general.  I just know that sometimes I will visit a site and then for the next 20 times I log into something that has an ad hook-up space, and I'll get the same ad over and over.

There was a job listing for an attorney in town.  Before responding to any job posting I always read the website to know more about the attorney.  I'm very particular about what type of law I want to do and what part of town I want to be in.  So I read this lady attorney's website.  She wanted a spanish speaking legal assistant which I am not, so I just read it out of curiosity.  

As I said, the next 20 sites I opened, her ad kept appearing and it aggravated the you know what out of me so I just cleaned out all the cookies.... that did fix that problem but now I have to sign in all of the blogs I read and the websites I visit until my information gets save again.

So if you've had trouble signing in (Thanks for the Heads Up Diane), that was me messing with things again.

In other news, I had a lovely outing with my friend.  We had lunch at the Mexican Restaurant and visited a Thrift Store.  She picked up a few things but I only wanted to look at the dolls.

I have several items of real baby clothes that are to large for the dolls the Grand Girls have over here and I thought I would look for a larger doll.  There were none in the store we went to. I remember having some larger dolls when I was a girl.  The one I was thinking about was about knee high on me.  I'm not sure if they still make them.  Maybe I'll do some research on Amazon or Toys R Us and see whats available out there.

Isn't it just the greatest being a Grandparent.

My son and the Grand Girls (back two)
feeding the ducks.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

The World is full of Email

I turned on my computer today and I had 5 new emails.  While receiving emails is not really a surprise since inboxes have become a depository like mailboxes used to be, I was nonetheless excited.

Hahaha.  All of the emails were from me.

While I was playing catch-up last night on my blog reading, Pinterest and Facebook, I sent myself reminders (sounded more like an order) of things I wanted to do, think about or items for my next trip to the grocery/dollar store.

I used to do this when we had landlines and answer machines.  If I wanted to remember to do something, I'd call and leave myself a message. (Truth:  It was equally exciting to come home and have 5 calls waiting.)

Well those days of landlines and answer machines are long gone.  But even better is that my email is hooked up to my smart phone so if I am picking up the Grandson from school and I get an email that my new library book is in, I can swing by and pick it up in the same trip.

Ah the little pleasures we find in life.  

Here is Buddy on one of the two cold days with his sweater on.

Here I am playing with one of my bandanas.  You can't tell but it was a very light blue and I wanted to see if it was too light to sell - it was but I liked it for me.

More later.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Hey Hey,  Just checking in while the microwave is cooking my dinner.  I'm having a frozen concoction from Chili's, I think.  I've had a different one or two already.  They are so easy but soooo spicy -- or at least to me.   I don't do spicy so I pick out the peppers!

Interesting things on the job hunt today.  Got one rejection letter and one follow-up phone call.  I woke up feeling pretty glad I didn't have to go to work today. Hahaha. Does that tell you what direction I'm leaning towards.

The son dropped by and ate lunch with me.  Well he ate lunch and I was still drinking coffee.  Oh the life of a retiree.  He has a new sweetheart and is pretty happy.  I'm so glad for him.  He has had a rough time finding the right girl.  I haven't seen this one but I keep telling to leave those long-legged blondes alone and find a girl that wants to be a wife and mother.  If you are one of those long-legged blondes -  ok with white highlights now - I'm sure you were one of the good ones.

Daughter is also feeling the romance with the same nice man.  Happy Valentines to all those with a sweetheart.

Son bought a camper (pull-type) that was an extra good deal.  I'm trying to talk him into finding a place near the lake to keep it and let me live in it.  We'll have to see after he gets to use it a couple of times.  I know they are not made to be forever homes but let's face it, I am on the downside of forever.

Had an appointment with the diabetes doctor today.  A1C (3 month average) dropped a little bit and she was glad for that but she still wants to get my numbers to normal.  I'd like to see normal too but dang it's hard to watch the carbs, prick the finger and take the shot all the time.  Poor little me.  Fifty years ago a person with my level of diabetes would have died.  Heck, even 20 years ago would have been in the dark ages as far as treatment goes.  They'll find more answers eventually.  Medicine is trial and error until it hits success.

Well we've only had 2 days of winter this year.  I did get a few items of clothing out - including my winter nightgowns and housecoats - but I have barely even worn a sweater.  I just worry if the winter is this warm what will the summer be like.  I know that's not a real judge of weather conditions but feels like an old wive's tale that comes true.

Having a birthday get together with my friend tomorrow.  She lives in an outer part of the city so we will take advantage of her visit to town to spend time together.  I still have her Christmas present so it should be a day full of wrapping paper.

I plan on having my actual birthday party whatever day the Grand Girls can come over.  We'll go to the Dollar Store and buy decorations and they pick out a cake from the Grocery Bakery.  I'll share the pictures when it happens.  Might not be till next month.  It won't matter.  What's a party without my two little dress-up companions.

More later.  

Friday, February 3, 2017

The Days Keep Rolling Along

Hi Folks - I've been busy.  I've been lazy.  I've thought hard and I've binge watched...... That just about covers what I've been up to.

The new job did work out.  I think I mentioned the cold I came down with.  Well it was a hum-dinger.  Nastiest phlegmiest cough and snotty nose I have ever had and all the while trying to do a new job.  The new boss told me I had to be in the hospital if I wanted two days off so guess who went to work every day.

Hahaha.  It was one of those cases that I was too sick to know how sick I was. Anyway 2 weeks into the cold I realized I wasn't putting up with this anymore and handed in my paperwork.

As soon as I got well I got depressed.  Do you daydream of winning the Lottery and all the things you will - and won't - do with the money?  Well that's kind of what I was thinking about - my little salary and the money I would no longer be earning.

You have to take the good with the bad and one day I finally shook myself  by the shoulders and said Enough of This and the best laid plans of mice and men and got it together again.

I'm still going to do something - work or volunteer - but I haven't found the right one yet.  I'll keep you up on that and the rest of the fun and exciting things rocking my life.  Until then, Buddy and I will just be taking it easy.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

A Heavy Cold

Like the Queen, I am down with a heavy cold.  Do you say heavy cold?  I've always said "bad" cold.  I thought it was so funny when I first heard the news reports about the Queen but with the weight of my swollen sinuses, I'm beginning to see it could be "heavy".

I've finished about 3 weeks at my new job.  For two of those weeks the boss was out of town.  That gave me a good chance to get familiar with all the little nuances of the job.  We'll see how long I last when he gets back.

Want to hear something really interesting?  I'm nearly deaf in my left ear and I didn't know!  I knew I had trouble hearing in general but because I don't have a landline anymore, I didn't realize how bad it had gotten.  When I answer the phone at the office I have to listen with my right ear.  Oh well, I knew hearing aids were in my future.  At least it won't require surgery to fix it.  Yeah!

After reading and hearing about Christmas, I can see that I made the right choice to be home alone in the quiet.  I needed my brain to rest after the first weeks at the new job plus I really don't enjoy noisy situations - even with my sweet little family.  I might have a touch of some social anxiety or might just be I've lived a quiet life so long the noise and bodies disturb me.  Anyway, the family knows I love them and accept it.

My daughter's boyfriend, who I did not get to see over the holidays, gave me some candles and Starbucks coffee for Christmas.  Now that is the kind of fella you want your daughter to marry.  If he is thoughtful enough to buy something for me, then I can be pretty sure he will treat her right.

I'm looking forward to the New Year and I have no idea why.  Just a habit?  Or hope that it will be an improvement from last year?  Don't know.  I also have a birthday coming up in February.  I'll be 67.  I kind of liked 66.  It looked better when you wrote it than 67.  Hahaha.  That sound's plain old stupid but there you have it.  That's the way my brain works.