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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

It's raining here but with this heat I wouldn't be outside anyway. I'll just enjoyed fireworks on the TV tonight. Hahaha. Getting old when you don't want to inconvenience yourself.

Raining on My Parade

It's the 4th of July and looks like we will spend the majority of the day inside.  There is a flood watch warning on the news but the rain over my house is steady but not too hard.  It all adds up when it runs into the bayou so fingers crossed.  I have been hoping for a rainy day that would keep me inside and bore me into doing very little.  Looks like I am going to accomplish that.

Last weekend the Grand Girls were here.  The oldest is pretty quiet these days, mostly entertaining herself or playing nicely (most of the time) with her sister.  The youngest, however, is at the get in your lap and talk non-stop stage - almost nose to nose to be sure she has your undivided attention.  She is perpetually happy and is constantly singing, talking and playing dolls while talking.  Never a quiet moment.  So I am glad to have a nice, quiet, boring day.

The daughter is still being very optimistic.  Many good days and quite a few bad in between. Seems like she should be getting her cast off soon but I hate to ask in case she is disappointed.  Her next visit is in two days and I am hoping he will give her good news.

I've added a couple of apps to my phone to listen to books.  I had to quit listening to them in bed at night on the CD player because I had to listen in a volume that disturbed the rest of the household!! Hahaha.  Too many concerts as a kid.  I have, instead, been listening through my cell phone to Overdrive and Hoopla which allow me access through my library for a limited number of free books.  I just lay the cell phone above my head, turn the app on for an hour and listen to my story while I fall asleep.  Sometimes I am awake when the app shuts off and I turn it on again.  I think I was probably asleep for part of the time but like the old joke, turn off the tv and Dad says I was watching that (in my sleep).  At any rate, a suggestion for anyone that might have a similar need.

My job is going well.  I still hate getting up and getting dressed every morning but am ok once my brain kicks into gear.  I think one of my side affects of diabetes is going to be the effect on my brain.  I know that at 67 I am allowed senior moments but it seems so hard to pull information out of my head sometimes.  If I could just forget some of the lyrics to the songs from the 60s, I'm sure I would have a lot of freed up memory I could use.

Be back soon.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Rip Van Winkle

Just call me Rip Van Winkle.  I seem to have slept through all these changes to the internet.  Thank you Kim at Nutbrown Cottage for telling me about the changes to publishing comments.  I didn't know I had to go to blogger to see you made a comment.  Duh. Took me a few tries but I figured it out.  Thank you Kim.  I might have slept through the changes until the hair grew on my chin.  Unfortunately, there are a few of those now. 

Thank you for the thoughts on my daughter.  She is a real trooper and is continuing to gradually improve.  She said she would be happy if she can just get back to feeling old!  Honey, at 40 you don't even know what old is!!

The Grand Girls are here this weekend.  The youngest will be 5 next Friday.  I took these pictures today.  She is wearing a (pink) wig that my daughter bought when she went to a Pink (the singer) concert.  She is such a ham.  

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Murphy's Law

Hi friends.  Usually, I say life has been so boring I have nothing to write about.  This time it is too many crazy things happening at once.  Kind of feels like a day when you lost your car keys, then you had a flat and finally got on the road and ran out of gas.  Yep, about that unbelievable. 

Main happenstance - Memorial Day a truck hit my grown daughter while she was crossing the street.  Broke her wrist and she is wearing a cast.  Hurt her back and that will be a long slow process of starting with drugs and working up the chain of treatments until they find something that works (besides surgery).  Of course, the man didn't have insurance even though he drove a nice big truck. 

The dog bit man is still calling us. 

And my brain has been a fog for weeks now.  I hope it finds it way home!

Friday, May 25, 2018

Visa Card Rewards

I just got an email from my Visa card provider offering a way to increase my reward points..... Add another user.  Yep.  If more people charged to my Visa I could get more reward points.  Hahaha.  I think NOT.  

Monday, May 21, 2018

$40 Million Dollar Win

Don't get excited for me.  It was just a dream. 

Shortly before the alarm went off this Monday morning I started a dream wherein I won $40 Million Dollars.  In the dream, I had just contacted a financial guy I knew with a piece of paper something like a bank statement that showed $40M was pending in my bank account.  As I said, the alarm went off right about the time I was waving my papers at the front desk telling them I needed to talk to him.

I knew it was a dream as soon as my hand reached for the ringing alarm but my body was so engorged with endorphins that I had to keep telling myself it was only a dream.  Physically, I was so excited  I looked like my dog before a walk.  If I'd had a tale I'd probably have broken some furniture.  Even as I continued the morning by getting in the shower and getting dressed, I had to repeatedly tell myself it was a dream, calm down. 

It is now 2:30 in the afternoon and my body is still slightly playing havoc with my brain.  I have never continued having the "feelings" from a dream, whether happiness or fear, to such an extent. 

I've continued to think about it and have come to the decision it might be my body releasing all the stress and fear from the last two weeks over a wonky mammogram. 

First, the inconclusive report from the hospital came through my patient portal two days after the first test.  I tried to reach my doctor for four days after that and no return phone call.  All I needed was to be told the when, what and where of the next test.  I finally had to threaten to file a complaint and she called me back. 

I got back in for the new tests two days later and actually got to talk to the radiologist after the tests.  She told me that, although inconclusive again, she thought I was ok and we would do it again in six months.  I felt very relieved after talking to her.  I knew it could still be bad news later but if so, we were on it early.  I felt good about that but I still felt the tension from the last two weeks all through my body. 

This weekend I decided I needed to shut myself in as much as possible and really relax.  I ran very few errands and mostly stayed in the house and ate, binge-watched tv and walked the dogs in a repeating pattern.  I felt so much better by Sunday afternoon. 

So this, I guess, is the source of my $40M Dollar win and worth every penny don't you think? 

Friday, May 18, 2018

Texas City, Texas

Texas City is on the other side of town from me.  No further away than 6 Points of Separation.  In the coming days, I will find out that someone I know has lost a child/grandchild/relative/friend in this latest massacre.  I am so so sad that we have not done something to stop this yet. 

On to other mad men... The dog bite man called my daughter again about 3 weeks ago.  He said he had all of his medical bills together.  She said ok, just take them to the apartment manager as she requested.  He said ok and hung up.  Then he called back.  He said don't you want to know how much they are.  It is $25,000.00.  My daughter again said ok and take them to the apartment manager.  She said she blocked his number after that like I told her to do a long time ago.  She said she was afraid to tell me because I might go ballistic.  I just shook my head.  With bills that high he is either definitely lying or someone in the medical center took him to the cleaners.  I have not heard from the apartment manager who took a picture and saw his leg.  I guess she didn't believe the bills either or ... I don't know what. 

Good Golly Miss Molly.  Crazy times.


Friday, May 11, 2018

Red Birds for the Soul

Yesterday evening I had to take the Grandson to where his car had died to see if it would start.  I am in the middle of this thing between my Grandson and my Son.  The dad is trying to make him a man by telling him how to fix his car over the phone and by sending Youtube videos.  My ex-husband, the Grandfather of the grandson and father of the son could fix anything.  My son learned to fix a lot of things but was nowhere near the genius my ex was.  The genes are pretty diluted in the Grandson.  He doesn't seem to have the natural knack but at 18, almost 19, it may be years before the genes come to the surface if he does have them.  Who knows?  Also, keep in mind that my Son lives an hour's drive away in light traffic and has the two grand girls at home - hence the telephone calls. 

Anyway, I am trying to let this play out between the two men while lending the support, but certainly, no mechanical knowledge, to the Grandson.  Last night was the third time I had followed this routine of taking him to get parts or to get his car - the other two times were more successful than last night.   
Long story short I was sitting in my car trying not to cry and be overwhelmed.  I just wanted this fixed and done.  Put the stupid car in the shop was my answer but, again, I was trying not to interject myself in the solution.  

The Grandson had parked his car in the parking lot of a small apartment complex.  It was a very shady and green area full of plants and trees to look at.  I focused on this as nature always makes me happy.  Then I hear the chirp of a red bird.  I recognize that distinctive chirp from the frequent red bird visitors to my old house.  I looked through the trees and found the lady red bird who is mostly brown and not as pretty but still, it was so nice to see one again.  I felt like I had been sent a little message from above that this was something I just needed to relax about and let things unfold.  I took a deep breath with relaxing thoughts in mind, and then another chirp.  The beautiful red male red bird came flying up and stopped in the tree right in front of me.  

Somedays when you are overwhelmed with things you cannot fix, a small blessing comes into your life in an unexpected form and you find comfort.  I take my blessings where I find them.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

New Glasses To Go With My Hearing Aids

I picked up my new glasses today.  The frames don't look a whole lot different from the ones I've been wearing for years but my view of the world through them is different and so much better. 

I've been having so much trouble seeing lately and yet I didn't think to get my eyes checked until my endocrinologist nagged me into it.

These were my exact words prior
to my new glasses.

As a diabetic with uncontrolled diabetes I have to be really careful of all the little areas it can affect: eyes, heart, and circulation, to name a few.  Diabetes can cause a change in the eye's blood vessels which can lead to bleeding in the back of the eye.  You have to monitor this, especially if your diabetes is uncontrolled like mine. 

Over the last few years, my eye exams have come back with good results, as far as the diabetic change to the eye and, just as great, no big change in prescription, so no new lenses ...... until now. 

Somewhere between my last checkup and this one the vision in my right eye, the better of the two has lessened.  So a slight change to the left cataract eye and a large change for the right eye and, Bob's your uncle (I do love those British sayings), I can see soooooo much better through my new prescription.

Eyesight and hearing are the two things I hear friends and relatives of boomers complain about the most.  I don't know what the recommended check-up schedule is for Boomers but I know most of us just don't want to bother about eyes and ears even if we know there is a little bit of a problem.  Darn our stubborn hides.  Not only do we live a life of lesser quality because we can't hear or see as well as we might be able to, we also annoy those who have to put up with our not seeing or hearing.

Even if you are sure (famous last words) that your eyes and ears haven't changed you should get them checked - for the sake of your friends and family if nothing else. 

Common folks.  If it's been over two years, bite the bullet or, as Nike says, "Just Do It".

I'll be honest.  Couldn't afford them and didn't want to be bothered. (Medicare paid for my hearing test (not the hearing aids $$$) and I got a coupon for my eye test and paid $30 so not really so bad but still, I  had to put out the effort.)

True, neither glasses nor hearing aids have returned my senses to the strength they knew as a 20-year-old, but they have increased my quality of life and, hahaha, lessened the likelihood of my saying what over and over or asking what the writing on the TV says.

Now I'm delighted with both my hearing aids and new glasses.