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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

No Cable TV means less Christmas stress

It occurred to me that I am feeling less Christmas stress this year and I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that we don't have cable TV. 

Since I did all of my shopping online Thanksgiving weekend, I have not been to the stores at all.  Macy's and Amazon, where I did most of my shopping, keep sending me emails about more ideas but they are easier to delete unread than trying to ignore a TV commercial. 

I also realized that since the commercials weren't on while the Grand Girls were here, I didn't hear them chiming in during every commercial break.  Interesting. Such an easy solution after years and years of being told how much you need this special something. 

This is not Buddy but looks very similar. 
If only he would sit still wearing a Christmas tutu.

Yes.  This is turning out to be a Very Merry Christmas after all. 

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

A Little Bit of Snow - Time to pull out White Christmas

Well, the big news around here is the day (hours??) of snow we had last week.  The little girls were so excited and can't wait for it to snow again next year they said.  I thought to myself that next year may actually be 10 years from now in Texas but you never know with this crazy weather.

And I'm wondering if all that smoke and debris that is filling the California skies will make a difference in the weather.  Doesn't it block or contribute to certain conditions?  Weather is really amazing.  Sometime soon I need to do some reading about what affects our weather.

This past weekend we had a Pre-Birthday Party for the little Artist.  She will be 8 years old this coming weekend.  It is so nice to be able to send the Grandson and his Girlfriend (with excellent taste) out to buy the decorations and then put up the streamers.  Hahaha.  Made it all so much more enjoyable.  I guess that is another sign of aging.  I'm not as interested in doing all the decorating or fancy package wrapping as I did in earlier years.  Oh well.  It was still lovely and we had a great time.

The theme was "You Are Amazing" with Unicorn plates and napkins and table cover.  Streamers and decorations also hung from the ceiling.  And little cupcakes for doll tea parties afterward.

"Sisters, Sisters, There were never such devoted Sisters" ... Irving Berlin

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Be Still My Heart - Reese's Christmas Tree Recipe

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Blog Share on Walking the Labyrinth

I got a comment from Hillary of Crazy as a Loom and she had the cutest story to tell about Walking the Labyrinth.  I asked her if I could share it here on my blog and I have copied part of her post from this page

Back in 2007I took my two grandsons to Harmony, in Comstock.  It is a wonderful place, acres of wildflowers, and total serenity. And they have a labyrinth. I asked my grandsons, 7 and 10 at the time, to walk it, stay in the paths, and think about what it meant. The oldest one said, "I don't get it." The younger one, after a while, said, "Mimi, I think I know what it means." I said, "Yeah?? What do you think?" He said, " I think it is where you find the center of your heart."
I knew then that I had to build my own labyrinth.
So in 2008, I did just that.

If you click the link above there are pictures of the original Labyrinth and the new and improved Labyrinth she built.  AMAZING.

I looked at all those rocks and I couldn't imagine bending over to place them in perfect arrangement.  Hilary's back must be in a whole lot better shape than mine!!

She also has some pictures of gorgeous weaving she has done.   Click over and visit her if you have time.

By the way, I ended up going the wrong way again today.  I'm going to take that as a sign that I'm in too big a hurry these days and that I need to slow down and follow the path.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Hearing Aids and Walking the Labyrinth

Big news first.  I ordered hearing aids today.  I can't really tell you about them because I am on information overload at the moment.  I will be reading all the material he gave me and next week when I go back to get them, I'll be able to discuss the process intelligently.

Image result for resound hearing aid

And yes, they do come in different colors and I got mine in a slightly silver/grey color to match my hair since my hair is short but a little shaggy over the ears.  And another yes - one for each ear.  And yes, the price is per ear. 

The American way is to finance big purchases - and I did.  I'll be paying for them on the 5-year plan.  LOL.  They'll probably wear out about the time I get them paid off.  You can bet I'll be listening to the part where he tells me how to take good care of them so they will last. 

I didn't make it to Walk the Labyrinth yesterday.  I forget what was on the agenda but I was too busy and then I felt bad all evening that I didn't go.  Kind of like exercise class - you think you don't have time for it but then it nags at you when you don't go. 

St. Paul a la Chartres Design - LabyrinthCompany.com

I did go today.  The weather was wonderful and I was really proud of myself.  (Should I have been proud of myself?  I felt rather foolish thinking I should get an Atta Boy for doing what I wanted to do and something that was not difficult.)

Anyway, no one else has been near the Labyrinth when I have been to Holy Name Retreat so if I'm doing it wrong, no one else knows.  

St. Paul a la Chartres Design - LabyrinthCompany.com

I'm still trying to figure out what I am doing.  I can't really say why I am here.  Yet it feels right to me.  The complex is so quiet and soothing.  The grounds are lush but not overly manicured.  The statues, especially St. Michael, are comforting to me.  I tried to explain to my Grand Son why I was going and I couldn't find the words.  "Sounded kind of dumb" to him.  Then on the way home, I realized what I was doing - I was contemplating.   I was walking in a circle, talking out loud, my hands waiving, my mind jumping from prayer to request to observance, and my eyes (not always) on the path.  At some point, I did step over a line and then I was headed up the out path.  LOL.  It was nature, life, an exercise of a sort and a quiet chat with the head guy to see if he had any instructions for me. 

Image result for st. michael the archangel

I'm liking this Walking the Labyrinth.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Walking the Labyrinth


Walking the Labyrinth quiets the mind, opens the heart and grounds the body ... Some find answers to questions long asked, some find healing, creativity, a sense of wholeness.  

Labyrinths are currently being used worldwide as a way to quiet the mind, recover a balance in life, and encourage meditation, insight, self-reflection, stress reduction, and to discover innovation and celebration. They are open to all people as a non-denominational, cross-cultural blueprint for well-being. The practice of labyrinth walking integrates the body with the mind and the mind with the spirit. They can be found in medical centers, parks, churches, schools, prisons, memorial parks, spas, cathedrals and retreat centers as well as in people's backyards

Houston, Texas

Houston, Texas

St. Michael, the Archangel. 

I'm not one to talk about my religious beliefs or lack thereof.  I believe all religions are right and all are a little bit wrong.  So this post is not about a religious trek I am on.  It is about learning and opening my heart and my mind.  

So far I've read one book on Labyrinth Walking and traveled to three labyrinths in my city.  (The first one I never found, so I've only walked two.)  I really like the feeling at the Holy Cross Retreat (the second set of pictures).  It is a Catholic retreat and though I am not Catholic, I was welcomed most kindly and invited to use the labyrinth and walk the rest of the wooded compound.  

The Labyrinth at St. Thomas University (the first set of pictures) was bigger and located near the main entrance to the campus of this Catholic University.  I started my first walk on a Sunday evening. There were not very many students on this part of the campus so there was not much distraction.  I can see that once you are walking the labyrinth the sounds and sights of what surrounds you does not seem to invade your consciousness.  

I didn't have any great expectations about labyrinth walking.  I've never been able to meditate because I can't quiet my monkey mind (as in monkey jumping from branch to branch instead of sitting still).  Today on my second attempt I did a better job of thinking about why I was there, offering up a little prayer and asking for any guidance from above on any part of my life.  

Life is all about being open and flexible.  I am making myself available for any wisdom or truths that come my way.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

To Hear or Not to Hear - A Hearing Aid Test

I got a hearing test today at Costco.  I already knew I couldn't hear so it was just going to be a matter of how much .... How much hearing loss and How much for hearing aids. 

This is the type of apparatus Costco uses.  We've all had the doctor stick that thing in our ear in cold season.  This was similar but the skinny part felt like it was much longer.  I used the clicker apparatus to indicate when I heard sounds and at one point indicated when it was too loud to bear.  It probably took an hour, maybe less.  She explained my high hearing was good enough in both ears.  My left ear had the greatest hearing loss in total and the right ear had medium range (voices) hearing loss.  I haven't told my family the results yet because they'll swear I am one step from stone deaf.  

She said that I would hear better with hearing aids but didn't push that there would be that big of a difference.  Hum.  I have already scheduled an appointment with Beltone the week after Thanksgiving.  I wanted to get two quotes before I invested so much money.  I definitely want to be able to hear much better, not just better.   

I had a friend who took the prescription and then ordered off the internet for much cheaper and is very satisfied.  The printer was broken at Costco so she is mailing me my report.  I'll take a gander and do some online research after I talk to the second hearing aid place.  

*   *   *

I bought a little rolling cart for the kitchen from Walmart.  Our kitchen is very small and has no pantry!  This complex was once known for its tennis courts which was a big deal 10, 20 or (please don't tell me) 30 years ago.  I guess the young professionals ate out and didn't need much kitchen - but we do.  

So this little cart is 4" wide, with 3 shelves and 2-3 feet tall.  I bought it because it was so narrow and fit in the tiny space between wall and refrigerator.  I found it under bathroom storage carts.  I guess because it is so narrow most people would need something bigger in the kitchen but for us, it fits just right.  At this moment I can recommend it as easy to put together but since it is all plastic I'll have to give you a report on how long it lasts later.  Let's hope that is not next weeks blog!

More later....

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Fun, Food, Family

Well, the months and months of Holidays are on a roll.  One up and four to go if you count Valentines - and I do because Chocolate is involved. 

Thanksgiving is my favorite of all the Holidays.  I think it is the most relaxed - and therefore most enjoyable - holiday for me.  Food and family.  No presents to worry about - or pay for on my meager earnings.  No problem if the turkey is overcooked or the yams are undercooked.  Just laugh and eat it anyway. 

My Dad was always the Turkey Cooker and every year he complained it was too dry or too moist - or he might pick on the stuffing instead.  It would not have been Thanksgiving without this comment.  In fact, it took me a long time to enjoy Thanksgiving again after he passed.  But one of my sisters has taken it upon herself to host Thanksgiving and we are back to laughter and telling stories.  And I think she makes up some of those stories about me!!  Sisters are like that you know. 

I don't do football but it's fine if others do as long as I have someone to talk to.  I also don't care what the food is.  We could have ham sandwiches and I'd be happy. 

I guess that means that Black Friday shopping will soon be on us too.  The Grandson just started a job at the major shopping center.  He thinks it won't be busy.  Hahaha.  What a way to get broken into a new job. 

Monday, October 30, 2017

Old Photos and Request to the maker of TightEye and TightNeck

This is a picture of a picture I found in a box my daughter had.  This is she and I, and I really can't remember what we were doing on a boat.  

She was born in July 1973 and by the look of it, she wasn't very old there.  She told me that she noticed that she was often dressed in red.  I told her that I liked red, and still wear red, and maybe that is why.  After I thought about it, I thought it was very strange that I found baby clothes in red!!

Here is another one with my daughter on the left, my son (b. 1979) in the middle in red and me.  I'm on a hunt now to see what other picture I find with any of us dressed in red.

Just a tree picture I like.  We have a lot of very tall trees.  The Grand Girls were here Saturday night and the artist and I went out to pick up pinecones to do a glitter and glue project next visit.  

We got back in the house before dark but I do appreciate all the lights we have around the complex, especially since I am in charge of dog walking and sometimes I am called out in the evening.  

Well, we've been here for a month now and we are settled in and happy.  We've had a month of minor - but aren't they all major at the time - mishaps.  We're looking forward to November and the start of a new season.

Speaking of seasons, I put my jacket on 2 or 3 times lately.  Amazing for Texas weather. 

I contacted the company that makes a product called TightEye and TightNeck and asked them if they would send me products to review on my blog.  I've seen them reviewed on other blogs and since I am the Queen of the Droppy Eyes and since I have been so brave about exposing my eyebrow dye, I thought I'd try something new again.  The products are a little pricey for my budget but if they work to tighten the eyelid and neck wrinkles, they make get worked into the budget.  I'll give you a heads up if they send the products. 

Thursday, October 26, 2017

I Dyed My Eyebrows

During the move, I made a trip to my new Walmart.  As I entered I passed a little shop with a name I can't remember and they were dyeing this lady's eyebrows.

Why that's just what I need, I thought - but kept on with my errand.  I got home and studied my eyebrows in the mirror.  I have these really faded eyebrows with nice white whiskers in them.

So the next time I was at Walmart there was no other customers in the shop so I had a long discussion with the girl.  She said she would do them light brown and she did that thing with the string (threading) to trim the hairs and shape of my brows.  Here is what I looked like with the dye on.  

I've really done it this time, I thought.  I took a picture and sent to my friend and she laughed so hard I could almost hear her through her text message.

After the dye was removed I thought they were a little dark but in the sunlight, they weren't so bad.  

I liked the shape she did.  Felt like one of those young girls with the fancy eyebrows you see around.  By the way, that threading is a little more painful than I expected so be prepared if you try it.    

So here I am today.  A few showers and face washings later.  They seem to have faded to a pretty good color.  

I'll definitely do it again.  I have no idea how long it will last - the dye or the threading.  Big adventure.  Luckily it was not one of my more outlandish FAILS.