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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

To Hear or Not to Hear - A Hearing Aid Test

I got a hearing test today at Costco.  I already knew I couldn't hear so it was just going to be a matter of how much .... How much hearing loss and How much for hearing aids. 

This is the type of apparatus Costco uses.  We've all had the doctor stick that thing in our ear in cold season.  This was similar but the skinny part felt like it was much longer.  I used the clicker apparatus to indicate when I heard sounds and at one point indicated when it was too loud to bear.  It probably took an hour, maybe less.  She explained my high hearing was good enough in both ears.  My left ear had the greatest hearing loss in total and the right ear had medium range (voices) hearing loss.  I haven't told my family the results yet because they'll swear I am one step from stone deaf.  

She said that I would hear better with hearing aids but didn't push that there would be that big of a difference.  Hum.  I have already scheduled an appointment with Beltone the week after Thanksgiving.  I wanted to get two quotes before I invested so much money.  I definitely want to be able to hear much better, not just better.   

I had a friend who took the prescription and then ordered off the internet for much cheaper and is very satisfied.  The printer was broken at Costco so she is mailing me my report.  I'll take a gander and do some online research after I talk to the second hearing aid place.  

*   *   *

I bought a little rolling cart for the kitchen from Walmart.  Our kitchen is very small and has no pantry!  This complex was once known for its tennis courts which was a big deal 10, 20 or (please don't tell me) 30 years ago.  I guess the young professionals ate out and didn't need much kitchen - but we do.  

So this little cart is 4" wide, with 3 shelves and 2-3 feet tall.  I bought it because it was so narrow and fit in the tiny space between wall and refrigerator.  I found it under bathroom storage carts.  I guess because it is so narrow most people would need something bigger in the kitchen but for us, it fits just right.  At this moment I can recommend it as easy to put together but since it is all plastic I'll have to give you a report on how long it lasts later.  Let's hope that is not next weeks blog!

More later....

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Fun, Food, Family

Well, the months and months of Holidays are on a roll.  One up and four to go if you count Valentines - and I do because Chocolate is involved. 

Thanksgiving is my favorite of all the Holidays.  I think it is the most relaxed - and therefore most enjoyable - holiday for me.  Food and family.  No presents to worry about - or pay for on my meager earnings.  No problem if the turkey is overcooked or the yams are undercooked.  Just laugh and eat it anyway. 

My Dad was always the Turkey Cooker and every year he complained it was too dry or too moist - or he might pick on the stuffing instead.  It would not have been Thanksgiving without this comment.  In fact, it took me a long time to enjoy Thanksgiving again after he passed.  But one of my sisters has taken it upon herself to host Thanksgiving and we are back to laughter and telling stories.  And I think she makes up some of those stories about me!!  Sisters are like that you know. 

I don't do football but it's fine if others do as long as I have someone to talk to.  I also don't care what the food is.  We could have ham sandwiches and I'd be happy. 

I guess that means that Black Friday shopping will soon be on us too.  The Grandson just started a job at the major shopping center.  He thinks it won't be busy.  Hahaha.  What a way to get broken into a new job. 

Monday, October 30, 2017

Old Photos and Request to the maker of TightEye and TightNeck

This is a picture of a picture I found in a box my daughter had.  This is she and I, and I really can't remember what we were doing on a boat.  

She was born in July 1973 and by the look of it, she wasn't very old there.  She told me that she noticed that she was often dressed in red.  I told her that I liked red, and still wear red, and maybe that is why.  After I thought about it, I thought it was very strange that I found baby clothes in red!!

Here is another one with my daughter on the left, my son (b. 1979) in the middle in red and me.  I'm on a hunt now to see what other picture I find with any of us dressed in red.

Just a tree picture I like.  We have a lot of very tall trees.  The Grand Girls were here Saturday night and the artist and I went out to pick up pinecones to do a glitter and glue project next visit.  

We got back in the house before dark but I do appreciate all the lights we have around the complex, especially since I am in charge of dog walking and sometimes I am called out in the evening.  

Well, we've been here for a month now and we are settled in and happy.  We've had a month of minor - but aren't they all major at the time - mishaps.  We're looking forward to November and the start of a new season.

Speaking of seasons, I put my jacket on 2 or 3 times lately.  Amazing for Texas weather. 

I contacted the company that makes a product called TightEye and TightNeck and asked them if they would send me products to review on my blog.  I've seen them reviewed on other blogs and since I am the Queen of the Droppy Eyes and since I have been so brave about exposing my eyebrow dye, I thought I'd try something new again.  The products are a little pricey for my budget but if they work to tighten the eyelid and neck wrinkles, they make get worked into the budget.  I'll give you a heads up if they send the products. 

Thursday, October 26, 2017

I Dyed My Eyebrows

During the move, I made a trip to my new Walmart.  As I entered I passed a little shop with a name I can't remember and they were dyeing this lady's eyebrows.

Why that's just what I need, I thought - but kept on with my errand.  I got home and studied my eyebrows in the mirror.  I have these really faded eyebrows with nice white whiskers in them.

So the next time I was at Walmart there was no other customers in the shop so I had a long discussion with the girl.  She said she would do them light brown and she did that thing with the string (threading) to trim the hairs and shape of my brows.  Here is what I looked like with the dye on.  

I've really done it this time, I thought.  I took a picture and sent to my friend and she laughed so hard I could almost hear her through her text message.

After the dye was removed I thought they were a little dark but in the sunlight, they weren't so bad.  

I liked the shape she did.  Felt like one of those young girls with the fancy eyebrows you see around.  By the way, that threading is a little more painful than I expected so be prepared if you try it.    

So here I am today.  A few showers and face washings later.  They seem to have faded to a pretty good color.  

I'll definitely do it again.  I have no idea how long it will last - the dye or the threading.  Big adventure.  Luckily it was not one of my more outlandish FAILS.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

I need a little feedback

I made my new banner with my new home.  I know I want to reduce the height but is it going off the page on the sides?  I have a 17" screen on my laptop so while it looks right to me, I don't know if it is too wide for other screens. 

Please leave me a comment if it does not format right on your screen.  Thanks.

Halloween 2017

Gosh, it is almost Halloween and I haven't gotten in the spirit yet.  My daughter put a cute spider web on our door and I've been saving Halloween projects out of paper plates to do with the Grand Girls but I don't have the feeling yet.  Know what I mean? 

Leave it to the little artist (with help from her Dad) to come up with a Halloween project to make me smile.  

I have had something else on my mind - Fashion - which is totally unusual for me.  In some parts of the country it is getting cool, if not downright cold.  If you're a Southern lass like me you only see three days of winter per year.  However, I get the need for sweaters when all the winter fashion starts coming out.  I want to layer and wear those big fluffy sweaters.  

Hahaha.  I'd have to turn the AC to 60 degrees if I wore a sweater.  Kind of like lighting the logs in the fireplace.  We can do it if we crank the air up high enough.  

Hahaha.  Actually, I am thinking of starting a new style blog - The Apple Belly Blogger.   Just kidding.  A new t-shirt should suffice my clothing needs and sweaters will just have to be worn in my dreams.  

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Peaceful Sunday

Some days you wake up and all is right with the world.  Today is such a day.

This morning I was forced by two whining dogs to get up, get dressed and take them for a walk.  The thing I miss most about my old place is being able to open the door and let Buddy out in the yard.  I must face it.  Things have changed and I have to change with it.

I really am adapting to the recent changes in my life quite well.  Sometimes there is that little quiver of anxiety in the back of my mind but then I ask myself is it just fear of the unknown?  Yes, I'm sure it is.

I know there are people - thrill seekers in my mind - that search for new experiences.  I've never considered myself one yet when required, I did take the first scary step of a new adventure.

I followed my ex-husband to a small town in Louisiana when I had always been a big town (Houston) girl.  I married and then got divorced ten years later.  I left the small town and went back to the big city with two small children in tow.  That was a big step.

I have worked (mostly) in law offices, changing jobs when the jobs no longer filled my need for whatever reason. That was a big step for a single working mom.

I had several longtime relationships, learning what I did and didn't want in my life.  Staying single was a big step when I yearned for company and security.

And the two biggest changes of all for me:  First, when both of my kids had grown up and left the nest and I became an empty-nester.  That was really strange and hard.  Much harder than it was adjusting to a new little person and schedule.

The second big change was retirement.  That was very hard for me.  It took me - and is still taking me - a lot of trial and error to learn what to do with my day and what life is about if you take work out of the equation.

Gosh, so many changes I've been through.  Big steps all.  Hahaha.  Most a lot more difficult than getting up and walking the dogs before I've had my coffee!!  But this is another pattern that has been broken and is being reinvented.

Yet, I  feel very blessed and comfortable that I have faced the difficulty of physically packing and moving my house and am now rebuilding my life in a new apartment, living with my daughter, stretching my money differently and finding new hobbies.  I am at peace and that feels really, really good.

Friday, October 13, 2017

New Apt Photos and Feeling Fallish

Before and after.  A few things still have not found a home.  

Buddy sunning on the porch and sitting in the (what I call) German Ivy.  Note my cute Sloggers.  Perfect for early walks in damp foliage.

Life with two dogs.  My daughter's Dashund Chu and Buddy have finally got the leash business straight.  I was tangled up for most of the first week.  Both dog beds are in my bedroom, each with their own blanket.  Both dogs like to be covered so no sense fighting it.  Two beds.  Two blankets.  And many, many bones. 

As I said, not everything has a home.  My beloved ice maker (for making ice dyes)  is sitting on the floor beside my bed.  I'm not sure how it landed there but it is very heavy and I'm not moving it until I know where it is going.  (There is no space in the very small kitchen).  The kitchen is a whole other story.  

The outside view is typical of apartment complexes.  What I like most is the sidewalks.  The complex itself is very big.  I live in Section P if that tells you anything, and every little section has an area like this in the middle of the squares.  This gives me lots of room to walk to keep up the daily walking I'm supposed to be doing.  

I've reduced the pixels in all of the pictures so some aren't clear but they give you a general idea.  

With regard to Fall.  I love fall colors.  I also love all this dress my season color business.  I found a new color specialist I like who uses a little different approach than the months and I'm playing with it.  As many of you know, as you age - and gray - your hair color, eye color and skin color might fade.  The new system uses the tones and contrast in your hair, eyes and skin.  Hahaha.  Takes a lot of courage to post a naked face picture (naked body too but let's not go there).  When I get this system figured out I'll post my best colors and you can tell me what you think.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Did I Hear Right??

Dang.  I must be a style setter after all.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

I'm Just Sayin'

I don't know about you but my autocorrect has been so bad lately that I'm thinking about turning it off and just making my own Typos.